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PC repair

PC RepairBest PC repair services in town

We handle both home and business PC upgrades and repairs! No need to leave the comfort of your home, we are happy to come to you! Or if you'd prefer a bit more privacy at home, we'd be happy to meet you at a public location! Whatever works best for you!

-Do you have a blue screen that won't let you into your computer/usual login screen?
-Computer making a weird series of beeps when it starts then giving you a black screen?
-Press on the power button and nothing happen?
-Computer suddenly running slow for no reason?
-Computer working properly for a few days, then powering off, and not restarting for an extended period?
-Want to learn new software or find out how to accomplish a specific function?
-Do you want to upgrade hardware, like adding more RAM or more storage space or an SSD upgrade?
-Need help setting up a gaming network or home server?


Website hosting.To Redefine your Brand.

Not only do we offer web hosting and design with a local company, running off local servers, that will happily work with you to produce a web page for your special needs; We do so at a very competitive price!!!
All of our web hosting and design services are done through our sister company WWW For Crypto, but they come from the same people that manage and run Mt Baker PC Dr!
We offer a significant savings over other professional web hosting and design providers! The only catch is you have to pay with cryptocurrency. We are the minds behind this service though, and provide the same integrity and quality of care that you receive directly from Mt. Baker PC Dr. with our other services!


Crypto CurrencyYour BTC and altcoin hardware and software expert.

We are happy to help people set up different cryptocurrency technology including gpu miners, asic miners, diy skyminers to support skywire, lightning nodes, full nodes, and wallets. We are also happy to help both retailers and consumers learn how to use cryptocurrency as a form of daily trade, like cash.
For more information check out our non-profit sister site www.projectfts.org


Web DevelopmentGet your website/online store built

We provide quality dynamic website building services with an expert team that includes specialized graphics, full stack development, seo optimization and cybersecurity for your locally hosted website.